Wednesday, September 26, 2007

your daily Al

I've created what's called a "gadget" which you can add to your personalized Google page (called "iGoogle"). If you already have a personalized Google page, just click on this link and you'll now see "your daily Al" every time you go to Google. If you don't have an iGoogle page (your customized look at the Google home page), just go to and see how to get started. It's easy and a good way of organize web links you frequently use.

And no I don't own shares in Google and am not usually a proponent of proprietary software (although of course I'm using Google's blogger to enable what you're now reading, so I suppose I've become something of a Google Guy).

Click on the photo above and you'll get a sense of what a personalized home or starting Google page can look like. Every time I change "your daily Al" you'll see it there. It will almost always consist of links to new entries here. A more succinct way of receiving updates is to use the RSS feed. Go to the top of this page and click on "RSS."

Here's a sample daily Al.