Saturday, October 06, 2007

hear Miss Mackie Rhodus

Recently added to PennSound: the audio recording of a performance of Helen Adam's San Francisco's Burning (1963), a lyric play written by Helen and Pat Adam, and performed by the Audio-Experimental Theatre on WBAI, July 17, 1977. The audio was produced by Charles Ruas and made available to us at PennSound by Ruas. Here's the link:

Here's the cast:

Helen Adam (reading Miss Mackie Rhodus and Anubis)
Pat Adam (reading Susan Pettigrew)
Marilyn Hacker (reading the Countess of Barth Malone)
Robert Hershon (reading Spangler Jack)
Barbara Wise (reading the Lovely Mrs. Valentine)
Peter Fleur
William Packard
Martin L.H. Rhymert
Daniel Haberman
William Trapp
Arthur Williams
Rob Noah Wynne

Elsewhere I've written a little bit about Helen Adam in 1960.