Tuesday, October 16, 2007

you're a commuter in a station of the Metro

Wordsalad features a short entry on PennSound and in particular points out as useful my podcast called "PennSound pedagogy", "which discusses the reasons for setting up this audio archive and how educators can use it. For example, how can a teacher help students make a connection between Emily Dickinson and a contemporary poet like Rae Armantrout?"

But Wordsalad is not primarily a blog. It's "a weekly radio program on WSUM featuring recordings of contemporary authors reading from their own works. Imagine you’re a commuter in a station of the Metro, hearing bits and snatches of conversation as you pass by Modernist, experimental, performance poets, and Language writers. Wordsalad streams live on Thursdays from 1 to 2 pm Central at www.wsum.org and airs at 91.7 FM in Madison, Wisconsin."

www.wsum.org is Madison Student Radio - and naturally you can listening to a live stream. I'm listening as I write this: The Weakerthans are singing a song from their album Left & Leaving: extremely quiet punk (that possible?). Try this one.

Of course for the most interesting radio internet stream, there's FMU, independent freeform radio. FMU gives you ten or more options for internet listening.