Monday, October 27, 2008

pixelate in possibililty

live video feed on KWH-TV
November 10, 7 PM
hosted by Al Filreis & Jessica Lowenthal
at the Kelly Writers House

Join us for a live interactive online discussion of the poetry of Emily Dickinson. The discussion will be led by Al Filreis and Jessica Lowenthal on Monday, November 10, at 7 PM (eastern time). The session will last about an hour; we will discuss several poems in detail; participants will be able to pose questions and responses by email and phone.

To participate in this session, you'll connect to our KWH-TV live video feed:

No need to read or prepare in advance of the session. We will guide you through the poems during the program.

RSVP to Those who register will receive further instructions and guidelines before the event.