Saturday, November 22, 2008

listen to every Beatles song in one hour

What would it sound like if you compressed all the Beatles UK LPs into a single one-hour mp3? The compression rate would have to be 800%.

Conceiving of this as sound art, Steve McLaughlin--yes the same fellow I mentioned here the other day--did just that. It's posted to the WFMU web site. So go here, settle in, and hear nearly everything the Beatles released in one hour.

There's a certain strange hepped-up beauty to it, I have to say. It's like a super-fast run of my youth, a aural brain chute.

Someone at WFMU then decided to un-compress several of the singles. So at the same site you can click on links to mp3s of "Julia," "I Will," and "Revolution" back at normal speed but eerily distorted from having been through the first compression.