Sunday, November 18, 2007

acknowledgment dirty tricks

Charles ("Chuck") Colson was involved in the Nixon White House during the Watergate/dirty tricks era, broke the law and was convicted of it, and later, you may recall, turned to Christ and joined the lecture circuit to tell his story of being saved. Fans of his books say that he "is a premier popular practitioner of Christian persuasion." He teamed up with parable-writer and exegete Harold Fickett (Conversations with Jesus 1999) to write The Good Life: Seeking purpose, meaning, and truth in your life. Somehow my name is mentioned on page 369 of this tome. I am thanked for helping Fickett on some matter--a "story." Odd, since I'd never heard from or even (until just now) about Fickett. Nice to be acknowledged, but...well... Notice, above Fickett's thank yous, Colson thanks the "Author of All Truth," so at least I'm in good company.