Thursday, February 05, 2009

local TV news covers....advising

Oh it seems to be Archiving Old Media week here. Well, we found another item. This was a local TV news spot on the all-online pre-matriculant advising I was doing in the 90s. Innovative in those days. Not innovative now, but--amazingly--rarely practiced. Huh? Yes, students are admitted to colleges and universities beginning in mid-December but the faculty who will work closely with them don't really interact with them in any meaningful way until September. I can understand why people balk as such an "extra assignment" when the students are random admits, all across the board of interests, passions and talents. But the kids I advise are those who are writers and who are going to be, or in a sense are already, a part of the Writers House community. Start with them early, watch them flourish all the more when they set physical foot on the property. In '99 the local news "discovered" this "story" and did one of their personal-interest angles on it. But you get the gist. Click here and watch the video.