Thursday, June 17, 2010

class on Ashbery back by popular demand

This earlier post has been so often visited and requested that I've decided to re-post. I know this goes against both the spirit and design of blogs (after all, you can just search for the earlier entry), but so be it:

Recently my students and I finished up a "chapter" of English 88 on the New York School. The final class in this part of the course was devoted to some collaborative close readings of several poems by John Ashbery: "The Grapevine", "What Is Poetry", and "Hard Times". (Well, the discussion of "Hard Times," due to lack of time at that point, is really just me reading the poem and making a few comments.) A number of people watched the video live on their computers at home and work, and several of them telephoned in to ask questions or make comments. Here's your link to the video recording of the class.